Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Lessig/Hardt/Takahashi style presentations

So I took Jim Weirich's cue and decided to make 2 talks in the Lessig / Hardt/ Takahashi style using the firefox takahashi.xul software.

I had intended to just borrow hints from this, basically the minimal but large text slides and judicious use of images and had no intention of approaching the "600 clicks in 12 minutes" rate of Dick Hardt. However, my 2nd presentation evolved, and I was increasingly more comfortable with the style and what I could do with the takahashi.xul software, it started to approach the Dick Hardt metric. In fact I think the second one is like "465 clicks in 15 minutes" the way it is at present.

I hope this works out. I'm presenting both back to back in an hour to a very "corporate boring -- this is the official powerpoint" type of crowd, so it will be a big departure. I have to say, it took quite a bit longer because I spent a lot of time on trying to get it flow with some semblance of Dick's Identity 2.0 talk, and looking for the right pics. I have to say, it's probably a much more memorable talk, but the amount of prep time was substantially more. I imaging this will go down as I continute to make this style of presentation -- if I do.

On the software. If not for the monta, I might go with just powerpoint over the takahashi.xul as all the images I included made it a bit unwieldy. I'm also not looking forward to having to tweak Firefox into a Full screen no menu mode for presentation. Maybe I'll look into tweaking the code. Maybe what I need is Keynote, but I still need to save my pennies for a Mac, which is on the list, but farther off than I'd like (big penny drain lately)

I'll check in next week after I've given them. I was gonna hold off until after I gave it to write it up, but I saw James Britt pointing out the Takahashi Method book on amazon.jp.


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